Today’s children spend far to little time outdoors playing and socializing, and too much time in front of the television and computer. While these mediums have their benefits they also have an adverse effect on the child’s social and physical well being and development. Educators and Occupational Therapists are becoming more aware of the important role played by physical movement in the development of the growing child.

Children who have participated in Gekotrix demonstrated a significantly improved hand-eye co-ordination, balance, confidence and good general physical development. We intergrate concepts such as number, colour, size, manners and develop the child’s creative movement and imagination, whilst promoting body fitness and core muscle strength, along with sensory stimulation in our weekly lessons.

With two different curriculums, our tadpoles 18 months till 3 years and tricky tricksters 4 till 7 years.

Tadpoles:lessons involve rolling, kicking, crawling and jumping. In these lessons we practice our locomotor skills, learn about our bodies and explore our senses. We learn to throw, bounce and kick with great excitement, even if we’re not that accurate! We use our imaginations and let our bodies explore.

Tricky tricksters: Lessons are alot more challenging, We focus alot on sports specific lessons whilst still developing our core muscles, overall muscles strength, speed, agility, and flexibility in our movement lessons. learn about direction such as up, down, in, out and around, We get to understand how our bodies fit in and out of spaces, and practice our hopping, catching, kicking, throwing and balance.

Our focus is a broad spectrum development lesson, offering a structured, but play based learning curriculum:

  • Fine motor development

  • Gross motor development

  • Sports specific

  • Sensory stimulation

  • Spatial awareness

  • Bilateral integration