Gekotrix Kids Development (PTY) LTD is an all in one early childhood development programme. Taking away the need for children to participate in a hand full of programmes to get their development criteria met. Gekotrix covers all aspects of foundation phase development including introducing children to all the main sporting codes such as Cricket, soccer, Tennis, Hockey and Gymnastics.

Lessons are held on your child’s school premises or allocated venue once a week for the duration of the school term. Lessons are skills based with every lesson having a targeted area of development, Lessons are usually taught with a theme or reference to something the children can relate to this makes the lesson incredibly fun and keeps the childrens attention.

We have two different curriculums one for children 18 months till 3 years old this is our tots based curriculum. Gekotrix tots focuses on sensory stimulation, movement, balance and ball skills.

Gekotrix Kids development 3 years till 7 years old focuses on Sports specific skills, development skills such as fine motor, fitness, spatial awareness, bilateral integration, core strength, muscle strength and everything in between, Movement and Locomotion.